Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend gaming

So, I actually got some gaming done this weekend!

Friday night, I took my Red Scorpions to the new Bowie Battle Bunker... and to be honest, it was very quiet, nearly dead. I jokingly asked if they were open... I still managed to get a game in against Chris, one of the employees there. Great guy, and a fun game. 1500 points of Scorpions vs Imperial Fists. We played a standard "set them up and knock them down" game, at the end it was roughly tied on who killed more.

Saturday, I went in and played against Deo, possibly our second to last game before he moves. 1300 points of Red Scorpions against Dark Eldar. It was busier during the day, but there were still open tables. We played a "capture the opponent's objective" game. We figured that since he has had the chili so long, he must now be after our toilet paper. I mentioned that we are 12, right? This one turned into a draw, as I just sat back and let him come towards me. In the end I had to kick his Archon off my objective, but I sent the dirty xenos back to where they came from, without that two-ply.

While at the bunker on Saturday, I got my copy of The First Heretic signed by the author, my first time getting something like that signed. Pretty cool, and a nice guy! I also got my first Finecast, a unit of Sternguard Veterans. Pretty nifty, aside from the VSgt missing his thumb on the powerfist (easily replaced!)


sonsoftaurus said...

Sounds like a good weekend!

Ghostin said...

Heyo - with the new bunker so close to home, I plan on being there quite a bit. It'll be dead for a bit as I don't think they did a good job of advertising it. I've been driving through there every week waiting for it to open and didn't see any sort of signage or anything on the 'net about its opening. There were about 10 people there late Saturday, 2 painting, 4 playing, and a few wanderers. Should be a good place with all the food and everything around it.

Ryan said...

Ghostin: Yeah, I only heard about it because it was on the GW page briefly. I think this weekend was bad because of the holiday, lots of people out BBQing and whatnot.

We will see how it goes the next couple of weekends...