Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten #106... Wait, What?

Posted by Ryan

Huh, somethings never change, and other things do. After Ron's years of service to the 40k and wargaming community, he has decided to rein things in. I wish him the best of luck with that. Since I could not let my baby die (or even sit alone in the dark), I decided to slap something together for you this week.

However, this is not your usual Top Ten. Oh no. That would be simple. Time consuming, but simple. Instead, I decided to promote the unpromoted. See, Ive been hanging out on Twitter a lot recently, probably more then is healthy, and Ive made several great new friends there. And what do friends do? They help you move. And real friends help you move bodies.

Anyways, no bodies here. What we do have are 10 Warmongers (this is the technical term for tweeting wargamers), with actual blogs. Some just started, some are a little dusty, and some will rock your night. In addition to the blog, Ill attach their twitter name, so you can track them down and commence with the stalking!

For those that dont remember how I do this, the numbers are there just to keep me honest. There is no order in the order I list things.

3. Poor, crazy @RTGamer, has this nice blog.

In case you are wondering, I would be @heretic0977.

I have not decided where I am going with this from here, but rest assured, there will be a Top Ten somewhere.



The Inner Geek said...

Yay, I top 10... and on Tuesday!

RTGamer said...
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RTGamer said...

Thanks Ryan! Finally in a top ten. Sad to see Ron stepping down but understood and Good to see you taking up the helm again.

I will keep my eye on this.

Ryan said...

Glad to see you guys like it, spread the word, the Tuesday Top Ten is going strong!