Monday, February 14, 2011

Doesnt that figure?

So, ever since 8th edition came out for Fantasy, Ive been putting it off. I toyed with Empire a bit, but for the most part I was willing to sit and wait for the new Tomb Kings book.

Well, a little while back I got nipped by the Fantasy bug, and was looking at the Isle of Blood set, with the intention of starting Skaven... but that kinda died.

Then they stuck the new Greenskins up on Advanced Order and.... I was tempted by a Wild Waaargh! for a night. Then it died. I wasnt really surprised, I just sold off another Ork army.

Last week, the bug stopped nipping, and flat out bit a chunk out of my leg. So, I was looking at Beastmen, and pulled out what I have that could be updated to the current book... which turned out to be three characters and ten centagors. Not a promising start, so I looked at my Empire force. A moment looking at the halberdiers and I almost put them back, then I saw the knights.... a few hours later, Id finished all the armor, and had started on painting horse flesh.

This morning I get up, and go to slap a bit on the knights plumage... and what do I see? Yeah, Tomb Kings in May. Figures.

I think Ill finish painting the 500 points I have, and squirrel some money away for the new dusty goodness.


Anonymous said...

I've tried with Fantasy many times. I've heard bad things about 8th Edition - enough to scare me away at least. I'll be following you with interest to see what I'm missing out on!

HuronBH said...

My problem with fantasy isn't that I do not enjoy playing or painting it... It is that for some reason it always gets pushed down to the bottom of the pile in my paint Que.