Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keeping up...

"So, what happened to a post every Monday and Thursday?" What, didnt the Top Ten I posted on Tuesday count? I am saying it did. :)

Lets see, what have I been working on? I have continued throwing paint at Carab Culln, Id say he is about half done. I think I also did a bit of work on the Wife's and Sis-in-law's XMas gifts (Yes I am a slacker, I know). I got my Wife a little turtle figure that I am painting, and the SIL is getting an owl.

On the gaming side, the Disorderlies Tyrant and I are still trying to fit a game into our schedules... and its not working out all that well. I think the next chance for one we have might be at the end of the month. Maybe.

Onto good news, my Forge World order finally shipped, my copy of IA10 and Red Scorpion shoulder pads are finally sailing the ocean blue. Maybe Ill see them before the end of the month.

I was looking up the boarding action rules in IA9 earlier (thanks to DT asking about them), and have been thinking more 40k then Warmachine lately, so I think the pendulum is finally swinging again. Kinda on the fence about Fantasy still. Keep telling myself Im going to start Skaven again, enjoy looking at the models, then look at the book and get all "Meh" about it again. Might still be waiting for Tomb Kings after all.


Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Lucky for you I'm well equipped to play either. I actually have 40k scheduled for this coming Saturday - you're working - but I can play whatever.

40k Terrain said...

It's hard to find time to get everything done -- and there's so much to do. Looking forward to some great pics as you complete some of your work.

I provided a back link to your page from Warhammer Armies. Thanks for the feedback on the site.