Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review.

Well, lets cut to the guts. 2010 sucked for my hobby time.

Painting: next to none.
Gaming: Three games? Maybe four...
Building Armies: I started Blood Angels and Empire, neither got to the 500 point mark. Some work done on Cryx and the Red Scorpions though.
Blogging: Crap. I think I was lucky to get two posts a month.

And now, the shining point... The Tuesday Top Ten.

Aside from a burn out week, and I think one other vacation, the Top Ten kept everyone happy this year. I wasnt quite as on the ball with The Rest of the Story, but it helped some.

So, where can I lay the blame for this mess? Directly between my keyboard and chair I am afraid. Playing WoW killed a lot of my time, and when my computer went belly up, I swapped to my wife's computer... which is not sitting right next to a mountain of unpainted models waiting to guilt me into painting them.

Somewhere around October, I think, I actually set all my Fantasy stuff aside. As of right now, the plan is to let it rot until the new Tomb Kings come out. The new Skaven stuff may be trying my patience, though.

The 40k side of things are not quite as dire, but still not getting much work. I got some more Red Scorpions, and IA:9, but they are now boxed and awaiting the return of my interest.

Lastly, Warmachine. I managed to keep up with Mk2 and the main faction books as they came out, then lost interest between Cryx and the Mercs... Interest has since returned, and Ive actually added to my Cryx collection recently, and even plan to add more in a few days... Question would be, will I get around to painting them? I hope so. I have an idea for getting me back at my painting desk, assuming the Wife agrees. Cross your fingers.

If I get painting again, I should get playing as well, right? Maybe. In '09 I got a significant amount of gaming in due to having my table set up in the spare room. Now, the room it is in is loaded with storage. I need to get off my butt and get that sorted out, then maybe I can get Keith or Deo to show up for a trouncing. I am also trying to get a game set up soon with the Disorderlies Tyrant, maybe get beaten in WarmaHordes again (and this time Ill even write about it!).

As for the Top Ten and TRotS? Well, plans are in motion there, and I wont ruin the surprise yet.

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Warhammer39999 said...

Sad to hear that your personal gaming is so bleak, but you can certainly rest on the fact that the top 10 is such a great accomplishment. I'm amazed that you can consistently post every Tuesday, and follow all of the links relgiously. That little recuring segment is one of the best parts of my week.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!