Monday, November 15, 2010


Dont you hate it when you get burnt out on something and dont realize how much so until it is almost too late?

Yeah, it can happen. At least to me. Its not just the Top Ten/TRotS, or the slogging through a ton of blogs, or the half a**ed paint jobs Ive been struggling to push out over the past year or two. Im not sure why or what, but I am bleh for now.

Im taking a step back, taking a breather, and will hopefully be ready to dive back in, in a week or so. That means no Top Ten this week, and once again The Rest of the Story will be sidetracked.


sonsoftaurus said...

Burnout definitely happens. Take your time, come back slowly. Start with what makes you happiest and add from there. You don't owe anyone anything; this is a hobby. If something has become more chore than fun, either drop it or find a way to make it fun.

Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

Burnout does happen, yep.

Sometimes you need to step away from the hobby, other times you need to change gears - if you paint sci-fi, try fantasy for a while just for fun. (This has helped me through many burnout periods) Or, build terrain, or try something new. (Take a look at my blog, probably Wednesday, for some ideas - )

Sorrowshard said...

I can commiserate big time

painting in the last few years has turned into a painful slog and the subsequent burnout and related depression can be quite bad, believe it or not I kinda started blogging to avoid painting , I do the most blogging when I have piles of painting to do.

I did a major push in Aug to September to push my Entire mechdar out , but fell flat a little over half way through, did not paint anything for over 2 months , I did however get a blog up and running and I'm at least pleased with that.

I can only echo what the others have said, life sometimes needs balancing out , maybe a few days of complete cut off followed by a few more days of mixing non related activities, reading/computer games /film , whatever , then come back in with a fresh head , but don't go straight back to what burned you out , work your way in from outside the box.

Shameless plug there Dave :oP