Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rest of the Story #14

Good Morning!

So, here I am, drinking rum way too early in the morning and enjoying my ears being violated by the likes of Mushroomhead, and I decided I should work on The Rest of the Story!

Ok, to be honest, I finished some work on my Red Scorpions, and it is too early for my to plaster my nose against the window on the door, waiting on my Forge World order (Yes I am still bitter, its been two weeks, the Atlantic isnt THAT big!).

I decided that it was time again to do a "why didnt this make the Top Ten?" post. Just a reminder that these are not really "leftovers" or anything bad, they are great posts that caught my attention in the first place. They were just nudged out of running by something that had that something extra.

Very nice work, these were somewhere between "desktop photos", and "I have to cut SOMETHING".

This one was easy, I chose a different post by the same person. I preferred the REALLY old Space Marine.

Very nice work, but I think I am one of a few people who dont get all excited by glow effects.

These guys were chosen because it gave me ideas for basing, decided to cut them until I see them painted.

From what I can see, these look good, but the pics are somewhat lacking. Need to get zoomed in some more next time!

This one was a victim of "gotta cut something".

I think 95% of this model is awesome. The skull helmet, however, kills it for me.

If this was all four casters in one post, it would have been in, but then it would have been a LOOOONG post...

Here is a victim of Too Many Space Marines!

This caught my eye, not entirely sure why. Stuff to think about.

Easy to see why this was cut, only a single picture!

Same here. Nice rhino, single pic of it.

This was cut for "Political Correctness". Im not really a competitive player, but I also am not a fan of outside imposed limits.


This won points for making the Caestus look less like crap then the FW site, but lost out because the Caestus still isnt that great of a model.

What do you mean Ive already posted fifteen links Id cut from this weeks Top Ten?

Very nice and simple terrain. In the end, a hair too simple.

Nice looking, but pics seem too far off and too dark.

I think this was one of the first cut, cuz there was lotses and lotses of posts to deal with.

Another victim of "most of the pics are too dark and too far". Maybe I am too picky?

So there you have it... I hope this helps inspire people to even greater heights, and makes me work even harder for the Top Ten!

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chuckyklost13 said...

Definitely inspired me. Thanks for sharing your story.

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