Saturday, October 23, 2010

Red Scorpions Update

Over the past few nights Ive gotten Culln and Loth assembled and based.

I also decided to assemble the Honor Guard (went with style over substance, considering how often I play currently), instead of the Command Squad.

I also used two spare sets of legs to assemble my first Red Scorpion Apothecary, and a veteran for my 5th Company Command Squad. This one has a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, my first such conversion.

I am planning on hitting GW in the next day or two, to get enough bits to finish up that command squad... Company Champion, Standard Bearer, and another Veteran to go. Probably a Devastator box set so I have more heavy weapons to work with.

Decided to wait until they are all painted before I take pictures, since I seem to have misplaced the camera...

One thing I am trying to decide on is if I go full Chapter project (what is this "IF' I speak of?), how many Honor Guard will I make? According to fluff, the previous Chapter Master and bodyguard (Id assume most of the Honor Guard) were slain by treachery... Discounting the few that were keeping an eye on Sevrin Loch, how many does that leave? Seeing as they are promoted by worth rather then to fill a billet, I could easily see them still sitting at 4-5 Honor Guardians well after the Badab War. On the other hand, such a conflict would bring the greatness out, so I could see them discovering a handful worthy candidates during the fighting... Basically, am I going to be buying a second Loch model just for his Honor Guard?

Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?


Silar Lannanaris said...

I would be tempted to get another Loth kit for the honour guard. As the figures are great and a good size unit of them would make a great central piece for your army.

But my question to you is....What would you use the 2nd Loth as?
Is he a multi kit piece? If so do you think you could convert him into a chaplain? As I would hate to see that figure go to waste.

Ryan said...

I have actually considered that. I have a few friends that I think would be interested in the model at the very least (only a single RS marking to deal with), so I could get it to a good home if I decided to not convert it. On the other hand, I do have a few ideas for converting it, so it wouldnt be a waste if I kept it.