Friday, September 24, 2010

Paint Brushes Pt2

So, as I mentioned before, my brushes need some TLC... Or to be retired. Probably the latter.

Here they are, in my handy-dandy brush/sculpting tool carry case!

These were the five I decided to test (since I have a lot of brushes, I didnt feel like taking photos of them all!). Not in useless condition, but not all that great... Actually, I think the tank brush looks about the same as when I bought it.
Here is the product placement! ;) (No, no one paid me to do this, though I am open to offers!).

After! I could have done some during, but between the camera being old and my hands shaking, it was prolly for the better that I didnt.
When I cleaned the tank brush, I was amazed at the amount of gunk that came out. Not really a surprise, this is my "go to" brush when I start projects.
This brush is slightly sentimental, I purchased it from a tiny shop when I was stationed in South Korea. Picture sucks, but it is flaring a whole lot less, and has a while longer left in to serve as a basecoat brush.
Wow, this camera is not happy with me, is it? Three "detail" brushes, and Id be willing to bet that at least one of them is older then someone reading these words. It is hard to tell, but all three of them has enough point on them now to paint Space Marine helmet eyes.

So, how do you use this stuff? Stupid easy. Get your brush cleaning cup of water, fill it with clean (slightly warm) water. Dip your brush in the water, then swirl it around in the soap. Rinse and repeat. I actually repeated about 4-5 times per brush. Afterwards, for a little extra conditioning, I put a little bit of thinned lather on the bristles and left them overnight.

So, what would I rate this stuff? Price was cheap (aside from shipping), it was easy to use, and it actually helped my brushes. The only downside I saw was the pains I went through to actually find it, but that could be entirely attributed to my local stores. Id say four stars out of five.

I dont think it is something I will use after every painting session (because I am lazy), but I could see myself pulling my brushes out once a month and going through them all again.


Chris said...

Hhhheeemmm, interesting stuff. I'm slightly worried that washing brushes in warm water will dissolve the glue that holds the bristles in place - does it actively tell you to use warm water?

Ryan said...

Yep, it says use warm, but I didnt use anything even remotely warm enough to melt glue. It was just warm enough to get past room temperature!

Josh said...

Chris, this sort of soap is also used to "glue" the bristles back together. Sort of like when you purchase a brand new brush. You just wash and then re-seal the bristles with the brush soap.

Good to see your brushes have some life left in them Ryan!