Thursday, August 5, 2010

State of the Empire

So, I finally got my Empire army assembled, and today I actually got them primed. Next up is painting. So, obviously this is my last chance to reconsider my Reikland/Altdorf theme. Think, think, think... Ok, Im done, on with the plan!

So, the question now is how do I reflect that theme in such a small and diverse force? Well, that part is actually going to be easy. The hard part will working that diversity back into a coherent army.

This is my plan currently:

General: Mostly armor, but the little bits of cloth will have the Altdorf colors.

Wizards: Obviously will have the colors of their schools (red for the Fire, dark purple for the Death).

Halberdiers: I figure the "poorer" Reikland will provide the melee state troops to start off with, so these guys will be painted in an off white.

Handgunners: These guys will represent Altdorf, so a red/blue scheme is in the works. Not sure if I will quarter or half these guys, but something like that.

Reiksguard: These guys have an obvious color set, but I am thinking of adding a small red trim to the barding, just for kicks. I havnt decided whether the horses will be brown or grey, but it will be one of those two, and I want to keep it the same for the full unit.

Greatswords: I have three options for these guys. Paint them as Altdorf, ordinary Reikland, or as the Carroburg Greatswords. Two of the three options will match the rest of my army fine... the third would just look awesome. I could save that for a later unit of Greatswords though.

As far as actually painting, these are my plans. They are all primed white, aside from the Knights and Amethyst Wizard.

Reikland White: Im thinking a couple washes of bleached bone to get it started, maybe a bit of snakebite leather or bubonic brown to tint it, followed up with a quick drybrush of skull white.

Altdorf Red/Blue: I am thinking I may finally break out that mechrite red thats been sitting around for a while and play with that, followed up with some blood red. The blue will be Ultramarines blue with a black wash, followed by a touch-up.

Armor/weapons: These will get my usual coat of Boltgun Metal, followed by a black wash and BGM touch-up. The Knights will get a bit of Chainmail after that to shine things up.

So, plans made, there is just one thing left to consider: how do I base them (probably brown dirt with static grass)...


Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Are you still planning this for Games Day usage?

Funny, no posts about Warmachine?

Ryan said...

I was, but with the glacial rate of progress Ive had on them (they are still sitting in their primer), Im having doubts about it.

Huh, yeah, looks like I completely forgot about that! Did you happen to "battle report" it for your group? I dont even remember what I took anymore, let alone how it played out (besides me losing, that is).