Friday, August 20, 2010

Or maybe not...

Yeah, I was planning on going to Games Day, but life decided otherwise. Between doctor bills, a trip to the Frozen North to see the in-laws, and unexpected car repair bills, its just not a good idea to shell out for the ticket, the mini (if you are going, may as well get it!) and parking. If people are interested, I can probably meet some of you at the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker for a game on Sunday...

So, doctor bills (this will get vaguely 40k related, eventually), I messed up my shoulder twelve years ago, and while I was in the military they never bothered dealing with the cause of the pain, just the pain itself... Well, Ive been seeing an orthopedic surgeon the last couple weeks, who actually looked at whats wrong. Im going in to talk to him this afternoon, and might be going under the knife sooner or later to make it so I can feel my hand when the weather changes (a most useful ability here in MD). Then there is my ankle, which is in a similar state of disrepair, from a different accident, which may also get some work done, maybe. How is this 40k related? Well, if I am hopped up on the good stuff, I will be unable to put together a coherent Top Ten. Think of this as your advance warning. It may end up being that surgery is not the answer and nothing will come of this, but you never know. I will likely have more news tomorrow afternoon.

In other news, Ive been looking at the Space Wolf codex, and considering breaking out my Black Legion using that book. I am just wondering if I would have problems if I were to take that list to the local GW... I am liking the idea of making a full unit of 5 "Thunderwolves" for $25 (Chaos Knights!).

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