Thursday, July 22, 2010

Games Day 2010?

Something made me think about Games Day this year, and I got the idea that I should go, before they relocate it to somewhere I wont be willing to pay to go (that is a surprisingly large list).

So yeah, in order for me to make this more enjoyable then the last few Ive been to (I have been to 3-4 of them over the years, never really had much fun), I figured I should bring an army and maybe get a few games in while there. Maybe set something up for people who want payback for me skipping their amazingly awesome blog posts on the Top Ten. ;)

What to bring? How many points? What system? Well, Ive got my Red Scorpions, but Im betting Fantasy will be fairly big this year for some odd reason.... Say, dont I have an Empire army in the works?

This is what I am thinking: I will bring two 1000 point lists, one for the Red Scorpions and one for the Empire. Small enough that I can get a few games in over there, and haul it all in a single case.

This leaves just a single problem: The Empire are only half assembled. Only one model has any paint on it at all. I have less then a month to get them ready... Should be an interesting month!


Admiral Drax said...

Sounds like someone needs a painting montage...

HuronBH said...

LOL. Well good luck on getting them done and I will be seeing you there. I'm planning to bring an army for Armies on Parade (Probably my Howling Griffons), and then 2 1k to 1.5k lists of 40k and Fantasy along with a golden daemon entry or two.

If you are interested Bill and I are organizing a Gamers Lounge Bar crawl in Fells Point afterward. I believe we are doing dinner down at the marina around 7 and then taking the ferry over to fells point after that.