Monday, May 3, 2010

Putting a crazy idea to sleep.

Ive been bouncing between projects, drooling over one before getting distracted by something ever more shiny, with the end result of nothing I have getting painted, and me not buying anything new. Well, a few days ago I discovered page 9 of the Blood Angels codex, and that lit a fire that I know is madness, yet I keep considering it. Seeing as I know I wouldnt be able to keep up with this project, Im going to mention it here, as doing that has been the kiss of death of many of my ideas.

So, what is this insane idea? I will give you a list, and a swift kick in the pants for anyone who still has to ask after reading it.

44 Tactical Squads
18 Assault Squads
18 Devastator Squads
8 Scout Squads
2 Scout Biker Squads
2 Sternguard Veteran Squads
4 Vanguard Veteran Squads
4 Terminator Squads
6 Sanguinary Guard Squads
2 Death Companies
11 Command Squads
21 Sanguinary Priests
13 Chaplains
36 Techmarines
25 Librarians
10 Captains
64 Rhinos
11 Razorbacks
38 Predators
43 Land Raiders
5 Vindicators
7 Whirlwinds
31 Dreadnoughts
51 Stormravens
Assorted Special Characters

Madness I say! But so tempting to say that I am building the entire freakin Blood Angels chapter. Maybe someday, but for now I should work on something more sane, like finishing off my Red Scorpion project.


Col. Corbane said...

That's just obscene mate, good luck with it if you do decide to do it.

Ryan said...

Haha, I posted this looking for some common sense, not encouragement! ;)

Since I posted this (two hours ago now?) Ive been thinking where would I start (likely either Dante and Sang Guard, or third company), and the easiest way to paint that much red (air brush)...

Maybe I should do the math to see how much this would cost, Im sure that would kill the desire to build this monstrosity...

Col. Corbane said...

You're talking to someone who's planning on building an entire guard regiment over the next decade mate.

A chapter is small fry - lol.

Have you ever seen the pics in WD of the Polish guy who did an entire chapter of blood angels?

Ryan said...

LOL! Yeah, I guess I should have known better to look for sense here. ;)

Ryan said...

Oh, and the BA chapter in WD sounds vaguely familiar, but that could just be the Ultramarines I saw in the 3rd ed codex...

Col. Corbane said...

I'll see if I can find the issue but online, all I can find is this thread from 2005...

He did an entire chapter in 20 days!

Ryan said...

If it is just in the UK edition, I might be SoL... I will go check my collection real quick.

Alvin said...

43 Land Raiders...

43 x 35 pounds = 1505 pounds... Good luck man.

I hope they don't release a new chassis after you're 10 years into this project. Haha.

oni said...

This project would lead to two things... Procrastination and bankruptcy.

Rusty Dice said...

Build the 51 Stormravens. That way when you give up, you can resell them for $150 each to lazy people.

Ryan said...

Haha, thanks all. I did pick up some Blood Angels, but I keep telling myself its for a reasonable sized army. We will see if I believe myself.