Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gold Armor and Muscle Suits

I didnt get any painting done today, I spent most of the time I was planning for that trying to decide if I was really happy with the red after all. Im considering giving the tac marines another drybrush or two of blood red, then maybe some blazing orange. Maybe.

I also spent some time thinking about conversions and other stuff for the "hypothetical" chapter build. What Id like to do and what I would change from what Ive seen so far. The two main things I focused on were those muscle armor suits worn by the Sanguinary Guard and other characters, and gold armor.

First, the muscle suits. They dont really bother me. I know some people hate them (much like Batman's nipples), but for me they just emphasize that the Blood Angels are the pretty boys of the Space Marines. So, Sang Guard stay as is. Other models that will likely end up with that type of armor are most of the captains, and maybe a few scratch build Chaplains and Sanguinary Priests. But I do want to reserve them for models that would be worthy of custom armor, so they will not likely go further then that. But I think this means I will be converting all the captains, rather then using metal models (aside from Tycho and Dante). The winged jump packs, however, will be limited to the Sang Guard (aside from Dante, he deserves something there).

Gold armor... Hmm. Many years ago, I had another Blood Angels army. This was just after Codex: Angels of Death came out. At that time, I had a Dante that I painted in red armor. I really liked how it turned out at the time, and I am half thinking Ill repeat that. All captains would have red armor, leaving the gold just for the Sanguinary Guard. Honor Guard will be marked the same as veterans, with gold helmets. On the other hand, gold is pretty much the accepted color for BA leadership, and reinforces the "noble hero" aspect. I might go with painting the captains/Dante gold. We will see.

Oh, and I just noticed that this is post #200. Woo!


Dverning said...

The term you're looking for is "lorica musculata" or "muscled cuirass". Due to the extra work and ornamentation, they were only worn by higher ranked officers and lords. So using them only on captains and other characters would be appropriate.

As to the red/gold debate, why not just use gold as an accent piece? The entire body doesn't need to be gold. Something like helmets, shoulder trim, and/or decoration would be good for setting them apart.

Ryan said...

Yep, that would be the one. Of course I cant use words like that or people might start thinking I am educated or something, and Ive got that mighty public school reputation to uphold! ;)

Thats something to consider as well.