Saturday, May 8, 2010

Death Company work

I just finished assembling that box of Death Company I picked up last week, and I have two minor gripes about the kit. First, the usual complaint about "running" models, and the small amount of contact space with their bases. I just know they will snap off eventually. The other complaint is slightly more significant, they didn't put any grenades on the sprue. Minor complaints, but what I noticed.

On to the good: HOLY CRAP I LOVE THESE MODELS!!!!! Straight out of the box, they pose like blood-mad berserkers with little effort, and the detail is great! I swapped out a few bits for standard space marine parts here and there, mainly to have a few more bits to use on some other Blood Angels.

Speaking of other Blood Angels, I found a bit of sprue (while looking for a beaky head for the DC) with 5 Assault Marine legs on it... Only two jump packs though. I am currently trying to decide if I will put them together as Tac Marines, or bite the bullet and order the set of 5 jump packs from the website. Either way, I made up a list to get me to 500 points, all I need to buy is a jump pack Chaplain (likely will use the Lemartes model until I expand the list).

I am still telling myself the Chapter idea is a bad idea, and that I am only going to work on a 1850 point 3rd/8th companies task force, though I don't know if I'm listening to myself anymore...

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Death 0F Angels said...

Imagine the accomplishment you would feel 40 years from now when you finish painting the last mini! Just to help you keep your frame of mind. Yes, the whole chapter is a bad idea :). Around 2000 points of BA = win though