Monday, February 22, 2010

Slacking off

Didnt get much (any) painting or hobby stuff this weekend, as the inlaws were in town. Did a very belated XMas gift exchange thing, and I received four of the new Warhammer Time of Legends books. We went to Medieval Times, and as I expected, I got the Fantasy bug bite... So, I started reading Nagash the Sorcerer, and now Im casting eyes back towards my Tomb Kings. It figures that I start wanting to paint a Fantasy army that is either next up, or following the next release.

Ive been playing with Google Buzz somewhat lately and figured Id invite those of you who want to follow my feed thing... Fair warning, I can be somewhat offensive at times (both language and what I say), and the links I share might not always be for the sensitive types... If thats fine by you, look me up as Heretic0977. I dont think Ive been really offensive yet, but I might be due...

Like I said earlier, Im reading Nagash the Sorcerer. So far Ive been entertained. Its been keeping me hooked so far... But, I dont think thats really a surprise, as Im a big fan of the Undead in Warhammer.

Oh, while Im thinking about it, RANT!! I am no longer following the Horus Heresy series. Why? "Is it because of how the story went?" Nope. "Is it because of the writing?" Nope. "Price of the books?" Nope. It is because Ravens Flight is only out as an audiobook. "What? Thats a stupid reason!" Yeah, it may be. But, I have a slight attention deficit (and the Grand Canyon is a small hole), and Im always flipping back and forth for reminders about who this was, where that happened, who was where, and stuff like that. Add in that I tend to tune out if Im listening to something (something that annoys my wife to no end), and it is just easier for me to have a paper book in hand. Ive stopped listening to podcasts for the same reason. I enjoy them, but twenty minutes in, I have completely lost any semblence of knowing what they were talking about. So... Why dont I skip Ravens Flight and just move on to the next one? Because I really dont like the flipping between dead tree and audiobook formats, and Im voting with my wallet. Not like they will notice anyways, but meh. My hope is that they start putting out books in both audiobook and dead tree formats. Those who like to listen can, and I get the joy of killing another tree! :)


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the audio book thing - why deprive those of us who can't stand listening to some other bloke read a book at you of the real deal.

Hal'jin said...

Oh, the audio book thing annoyed me as well. I really wanted to read about Raven Guard and I dislike audiobooks for most of the reasons you listed.
It didn't really put me off of reading others though. Actually, I still have a huge backlog to buy and read!

Paul said...

Ah yes, Tomb Kings... I started painting mine up, but I am getting the call of the unopened Lizardmen Battalion and Stegadon from my closet... argh! I'm trying hard to stay focused. Apparently we'll be getting a new army book sometime soon???