Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The night before - Anticipation

Twas the night before Warmachine Mk2, and all through the house.... Wait a sec, Im at work.

I pre-ordered the new book (along with the markers needed) from the Warstore the other day, and today I got an email saying they will be delivered sometime tomorrow! Hooray! So, one agonizingly long mid-shift followed by a short amount of fitful sleep, then Ill be jumping everytime I hear something at the door until it arrives... which, with my luck, will be at 6:45pm. Then, I get to spend all night tomorrow ignoring my job in favor of Warmachine goodness (I kid, I wont really be ignoring my job, much).

Im actually more excited to see this book then I have been to see any rules update in a very long time. Not exactly sure why this is, especially since I havnt played a game of Warmachine in a very long time.

I got all my Cryx set up the other day, and have started on finishing the paint jobs all around. Technically, the only models that are not finished are my Soulhunters (necrotech mixes of zombie and horse), though I am not happy with a lot of the paint jobs. I did some touch ups on Deneghra, changed her skirt thing from fleshy colored to faded black, and started work on the small amounts of gold I put on my casters. Going back and looking at them does show I wasnt all that serious when I was working on them before.

One of the things they changed with this edition of the rules is that units are either min or maxed sized. There is no middle ground... And I prefer them maxed out. So, was looking, and I needed a few more Revenents, Bane Thralls, and a single Soulhunter... Thats when my wife told me she wanted to order a few books. Of course I told her yes, as long as I ordered the same cost in models. Gaps in my units filled! They will probably be arriving in the next 2-3 days.

Next up, Ill have to look into getting more 'Jacks, as I only have a Slayer, a Reaper, Deathjack, a Defiler, and four Deathrippers. I want some of the more odd looking bone/helljacks... Its kinda funny, the game centers around giant robots, and I get tons of troops!


Mike Howell said...

The game moved in the troops direction, didn't it? I look forward to seeing 'jacks get more focus (so to speak.) I've gotten more wins with troops holding objectives or assassinating casters/locks then with jacks, that's for sure.

HuronBH said...

Wow, I am in exactly the opposite camp, the fact that it has taken Mk 2 this long to get released finally and the cards won't be out till the 20th, MK 2 Warmachine has me not caring much. I have a feeling that will change come the 20th but for now I am avoiding it like the plague.