Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Looking backwards and forwards.

We are coming up on the end of the year, only a few weeks left. Time for everyone to start talking about what they should have done this year, and what they are gonna change next year.

So, lets look back first. My gaming resolution for 2009 was to get a game in every two weeks, come hell or high water. I think I both failed and succeeded at that... Over all, I know I got more then 28 games in, but they were not spread out over the year, and the VAST majority of them were against Deo. Still, better then no games at all.

Looking ahead... What do I need to change as far as my gaming life is concerned?

Id say my blogging experiences have been successful, nearly everyone seems to like the Top Ten I do over at FtW, and I have nearly decided on a minor change Im going to make in February (dont worry, it wont really change anything). My personal blog is fairly successful as well, with over 100 followers. Im not making any money off it, but I dont know anyone who does.

I am satisfied with my painting skills. I know I am not great or anything, but there is nothing I am willing to work on trying to improve for the foreseeable future. What I do need to change is how much painting I actually do. Having my painting table and computer in separate rooms will help a lot with that.

I do want to get more games in then I did this year, and I think Id like to play in a tournament or two. Luckily, it looks like Keith is getting bitten by the 40k bug as well, so once my hobby room is put together, I might have him over for a beatdown. Im also living a lot closer to the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker now, so getting out there for a game or two should be more manageable.

I think the biggest thing I want to change is the quantity of my armies, and how quickly I flip-flop between projects. I think Ill be picking an army from both fantasy and 40k, and trying to work on just them for 2010. At the same time, I think I will be trying to sell/trade off some more of my current armies. Maybe.

I will see about putting together a real list of my resolutions and post them one year from the last one I put up (on the 23rd).


Col. Corbane said...

Sounds like you had a good year mate. Must admit, I've been thinking about what next year will bring quite a bit lately.

I see a post brewing :-)

Death 0F Angels said...

so easy to flip between projects. especially when the new shiny stuff coimes out. Been trying to pin myself to my CSM myself. Sometimes i have to box everything up and get it out of sight so i can concenrate on one thing.