Monday, September 28, 2009

More Red Scorpion Pics!

First up is the Librarian, with one of those spiffy resin jump packs. I am not very happy with the paint job at all, but I dont hate it enough to strip him and try again... I think part of it is because he got the short end of the mold (the skull on his psychic hood is deformed.)

I also finally finished the Rhino. I managed to bork the assembly some, its harder to tell in this pic that I screwed up a lot of the joins. Im actually fairly satisfied with the paintjob though. Chapter and tactical badges, and I even got the campaign badge on as well (white star on the front).
When I started on this, I over did the grey, by a lot. So, I went over the entire model with a wash of Chaos Black, which got it back to the same shade as my marines. The HK Missile is seperate, so I can "fire and forget it". :)
Next up on the table, I have a tactical squad, a dreadnought, and my Chapter Master!

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Siph_Horridus said...

Good looking Rhino, you can't tell you botched the build thankfully. Consider the removable HK missile system stolen for my Veterans Rhino.