Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tuesday Top Ten is moving!

Yep, its true! The Tuesday Top Ten is moving to FtW!

When Ron suggested the move, it only took about a minute for me to decide this was the best course for the TTT, as almost everyone looks at FtW, right? All your links are gonna have even more exposure now! Dont you worry though, the only thing thats changing is the location, Ill still be running this show.

Oh, and dont listen to Ron, he last made the list in #25. ;)


Mark Evans said...

Will it now be a 40k top ten?

RonSaikowski said...

Just to let everyeon know, I'll have no control over what goes in the Top 10.

Besides, I kinda like the variety myself. There's so much out there worth checking out.

Ryan said...

Much like why I put the conflicting tactics reports in (Stelek, Fritz, BoLS crew), I believe a lot of different views are required to come up with something of your own. Skipping on the Fantasy, non-GW stuff, and other occasional madness leads to stagnation.

I believe its best to look at a lot of different stuff, even if it conflicts with what you believe is true or cool, and see if you can filter out something thats just yours.

Short answer: I plan to keep adding whatever I think is cool. :)

Elazar The Glorified said...

Sounds like a win win situation for everybody. Glad to hear you won't be boycotting fantasy stuff as my 40k stuff is on the backburner for now and I'm determined to make your top 10 one week! Lol :D