Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing dead...

This weekend SUCKED. Almost chest wound bad... I took my first sick day from work in about a decade.

Obviously, I didnt get any gaming done. I also havnt gotten to doing up a "FTW timesavers post" (you will see more on that when Ron posts it). I spent most of the weekend either sleeping or trying to not cough my spleen out while playing WoW. I was mostly successful.

What I did do that was gaming related was pull out my WoC book and look at it for a while in conjunction with the WHFRP Tome of Corruption. I love that book's list of mutations, its always an interesting place to get mutant conversion ideas. One of these days Im gonna go roll up a completely random spawn and then build it... Eventually.

Over the past several weeks Ive been rereading the Horus Heresy series, and finished up Legion last Thursday. Ive got Battle for the Abyss next to me, and will be starting that soon. Ive noticed as I go through the series, I get the urge to work on Space Marines more and more. Of course, what chapter it is depends on what Im reading... It was World Eaters during the third book, Death Guard for the 4th, Noise Marines for Fulgrim, and lately Alpha Legion with Legion... Im wondering if Ill want to play Smurfs or Word Bearers with this one?

Having said that, I do have a bit of the new army bug. Thinking Ill be lining up a 500 point list of something to play with, not too sure what of though... Maybe Word Bearers. ;)


Barjack said...

Hope you feel better and it was nothing serious. I understand chest wounds. Open heart surgey after taking a piece of shrapnel through my body armor.

Ryan said...

Nah, it was just a particularly nasty cold. Really wasnt as bad as a real chest wound, though there were times it kinda felt like it. Im back at work tonight with just a slightly worse cough then usual, so I think the day off helped.

Barjack said...

Feel better I NEED my top ten.

Ryan said...

LOL, I was sick, not dead. ;)