Monday, June 22, 2009

Name that planet!

So, late last week I picked up a Rhino for my Red Scorpions, the first of 4 or so needed for the 1500 point build Im looking at. I think Ive got enough symbols left on the brass etch sheet that I wont need to get another... And on Sunday, I traded off my box o' rats to Mikie for a brand new Imperial Sector! All Ive done with that so far is pop the top and get a whiff of that new plastic smell... and look at the instruction sheet.

Ive been trying to decide on what to do with it, whether Im going to need to make changes to my board or what... So far, Im thinking my options are to pick up some more fabric (grey this time) and not use any of the other terrain I have made, or figure a way to make these work on a brown tabletop, with trees and hills... and Im leaning towards the latter choice.

I think Ill be spraying them black, giving them a thin coat or three of the brown paint, then heavy drybrushes of Tin Bitz and BG Metal, then washing it all back down with the brown again, sorta crud of the centuries. The idea being that this is the outskirts of an abandoned Imperial hive or city.... I havnt decided for sure on the base color, might do each one differently, but the drybrushing and washes are pretty much what Ill do, if I decide on this idea... This, of course, leads to the title of the post, with am I going to make a story to theme this all around? I just might....

Doing this will mean that I need to assemble them to look as wrecked as possible, and probably work some sand into the corners as detritus of the ages. So, out of 4 buildings they say I can make, I might be able to squeeze out another corner or three, I think... And once I get these together, maybe Ill finally play a game of Cityfight... just in time for Planetstrike to come out... ;)

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