Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Im looking at the Commander Culln model right now, half tempted to pick him up from the Glen Burnie store this week. The main thing Im trying to decide is if Ill use him as the special character (using rules found here), or as a generic Captain. As we all know, I generally dislike using special characters... However, Im tempted to make an exception to get a Relic Blade on a Terminator Captain. Flexible, just how I like it. Eternal Warrior is just icing on the cake. Playing with the points would look like this:

Captain - 100
Terminator Armor - 40
MC upgrade for stormbolter (using old cost) - 15
Upgrade to Relic Blade (same points as a thunder hammer) - 15
Teleport Homer (using cost listed under scouts) -15

185 total, compared to his listed 190... this is obviously not counting EW...

HOWEVER, I could just take the base model and make a Captain with lightning claws or a TH/SS combo...


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StratManKudzu said...

I made a Commander for My Templars with Culln. I gave him an awesome FW storm shield and a Nemesis force weapon to count as a thunder hammer. My army has a very crusading nights look/feel. The model is wonderfully detailed and a great start for an awesome looking model.