Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My look at the new Codex:IG - Fast Attack

Part three of five... and after Im done here, I get to go back to rereading False Gods... again. :)

Scout Sentinel Squadrons - basically the sentinel we have known and loved for years on end, glad to see the arms range continues growing. Another edition or two and Id be surprised if they didnt have nearly every possible heavy weapon out there (still missing Multimeltas!)

Armored Sentinel Squadrons - Ok, lets see... two higher armor to the front (which any half competent opponent can get around) and extra armor, for the loss of Scouts and Move Through Cover... oh, and +20pts. Im not sure its worth trying to turn your mobile heavy weapon into a front line machine. Think Ill keep to the scout version and get the occasional Outflank...

Rough Rider Squads - Assault troops? In the IG? At least they have Fleet (thanks to being Cavalry). Realistally, the only way Id use these was if they had hit and run, so I could flame them, charge in and pop the lances, run out and lay down some more flamer love... And no, I didnt check their special character, still wouldnt use him.

Valkyrie & Vendetta - Droooool..... eh-hem.... Every time I hear the name, I think "Flight of the Valkyries"... and it fits. Im not a fan of single shot weapons, so the hellstrikes would have to go, but otherwise I like!

Hellhound Variants - Im not too sure how much of a fan I am of mixing vehicle types in a squadron. 1-3 of the same version per squadron? Hell yeah! One of each version in the same squadron? Meh. Im really looking forward to picking up a Hellhound in particular... the Inferno Cannon is going to be so much fun to use against opposing horde armies. Dont get it? You set the small end of the template within 12", and the fat end can not be closer then the skinny end. Adjust to hit as many as possible. Roasted Ork, on a steeeeek. ;)

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