Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Escalation Thing kickoff, and some other stuff.

Mike came over today for a few games. We played 1k of Space Wolves and Nuns w/ Guns vs Red Scorpions, and the first 500 point game of the Escalation Thing.

First, fantasy. My list hadnt changed, aside from my replacing the Thane's shield with a great weapon. His list was a Branchwraithe, a unit of Dryads, and a pair of archer units. We deployed and I kindly allowed him to move first, expecting him to be aggressive and move up to engage. Nope. He sat back and shot. I decided I wasnt going to sit and wait for him to get bored of shooting, so my warriors walked over and picked a fight with the dryads. His leader did the challange thing, I answered with my Thane... who almost got his ass kicked (hooray for T5!). I won the overall fight there due to ranks and a banner, and the walking trees decided they didnt like all my axes and attempted to flee. They didnt get far, my stunties caught up and showed them the business end of those axes. The rest of the game was manuvering and acting aggressive, but no more melee. My thunderers tried to get close enough to be useful, while the cannon plinked off a model a turn, until it misfired and had to miss the last two turns cleaning out. In the end, a win for the Dwarfs.

Scoreboard so far:
Ryan (Dwarfs) 1/0/0
Mike (Wood Elves) 0/1/0
DT (Dark Elves) 0/0/0
Keith (Greenskins) 0/0/0

Second game was more in his favor. He took a couple transports, a predator, and a venerable dread, along with some infantry types. My Devastator squad was Target #1, and were gone fairly quickly. Very brutal game, I was left with a single model at the end, to his small handful.

Lets see, other stuff... Privateer has announced the new faction, the Retribution of Scyrah, a bunch of Elves... Im really needing to dust off my Cryx now! One thing I learned while talking about this in email is that PP is planning on going to the Army Book format. Bleh. I really liked that when a book came out, all the factions got new toys. It also seemed to help with "codex creep", as far as I could tell that is, its been about a year and a half since I got a game of Warmachine in...

Pics of the new Ironclad Dreadnought are out. Im sure you can find them around, if you havnt seen it yet. I am currently undecided on it. Some of it makes me say "oh cool!", but some of it looks too much like the craptacular venerable dreadnought. Im withholding opinion for now.

I got all the Cadian heavy weapon teams rebased onto the larger bases, however now I have to fix the feet for three of the models, they broke in half while I was working. Im planning on just replacing it with greenstuff one of these days. Ive still got three other HW teams and 7 sergeants to go. Once these are all done, Ill look into command squads.


Itkovian said...

The best games are the most brutal ones - though how one side can claim to win when there are a grand total of three models on the board is beyond me... :D

I'm not very impressed with the Ironclad either - the arms look cool, but the rest of the dreadnought just looks pretty much exactly the same. I don't think a couple of grooves in the chest armour and angular shin guards are sufficient to justify AV13...

Ryan said...

Agreed! In this case, one of his remaining models was an undamaged Predator, he clearly had the upper hand there.

I think its the feet that throw me off. Those and the comparatively small banner. The banner is easy to deal with, the feet not so much... I may have to find out if the model works with the FW dreadnought base....