Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend stuff...

First up is a pic of my recently rebased Imperial Fists, First Tactical Squad of the Second Company. Since the picture was taken, Ive touched up the tac badges, and still have to add unit numbers, and do something with the VSgt's banner. But I like how the yellow looks, even if I loath painting it.

Next up, the complete Red Scorpion Assault Squad Eight of the Fifth Company. Nothing more planned for this unit, time to work on finishing that Devastator squad.

Speaking of that Devastator squad, they have 6 models completed from before, and four models primered, drybrushed grey, and with the yellow-ish trims painted. Im hoping to get them worked on this week.

I also drybrushed the metal onto 4 of those dwarfs, and most of their cannon. Only 25 more to go!

More work was done this weekend on my table. I finally got the other sheet of fabric I need, and once I clear everything off, I plan to tack it onto the plywood. The hills got some love as well, as I gave them all a coat of thinned elmers glue mixed with sand. Im thinking Ill be spraying (and praying I got it on thick enough) tomorrow.

Tonight, I have a goal. To discover a source of decent plastic trees that are sold fairly cheap. Ask nicely, and Ill share. ;)

Oh, and I joined on that MyBattalion thing, as Ryan. ;) Check it out Here.


sovietspace said...

Great painting mate, nice to see some pictures!

That My Battalion thing looks interesting, I expect I'll be joining you on there soon!

jabberjabber said...

Yellow is certainly one of the harder colours to paint and you've pulled it off very well! Congrats!

The Inner Geek said...

Nice looking minis!

I went over to My Battalion and sent you (I hope it was you) a friend request.