Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Planetstrike Fever

It looks like I am coming down with this, much like many other people. I love games that lend themselves to a story, and while you can make one stick to a normal game of 40k, its a lot easier and more interesting when there is an obvious attacker and defender. Wars happen for a reason, not just "oh hey, we both happened to be in the same area, lets duke it out!"... ok, maybe that does happen in 40k, especially with the Orks. ;)

With the Planetstrike Fever comes the look at my armies, trying to decide what, if anything, I can do to make this more interesting. First thought was to make specific armies for each side... Attackers is simple: the Red Scorpions. All I need to do is line up drop pods, and everything can deep strike. My planning on them being non-specialized works well with this idea.

Defenders took a lot more thought. Originally I was thinking the Imperial Guard, but they usually arrive too late to make good defenders (aside from the PDF, obviously). Imperial Fists were my second thought, though I see them more as bunker busters then bunker holders... this train of thought led to the Iron Warriors. With Chaos Marines being my second 40k project army, Im keeping my rules about only two projects, plus I think I have some of my previous army buried in one of the closets. The defenders getting more HS choices helps flesh out the Iron Warriors theme that they lost with the new codex. Doing this also gives me a chance to play with some painting ideas Ive been reading about...

Of course, with my attention span, who knows how far Ill get with these, but I do know the Red Scorpions will be getting their drop pods!


Wanderer787 said...

Iron within, iron without! This new book could make for some excellent battle recreations like the Siege of Terra, but in that case it would have to be Imperial Fists as defenders instead of Iron Warriors. Planetstrike will help with writing campaigns, I think.

Will said...

I'm excited about PlanetStrike too. I'm still wondering what kind of scale it will have compared to regular 40K games and Apocalypse. Time will tell.

Ryan said...

Seeing as the FOCs are apparently 3-6 slots larger then the normal current FOC, Id guess 3-4k would be the high end of a normal game.