Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking once more at the Cadians...

So, I learned last night there is another Cadian 42nd out there. Hrm... In order to prevent confusion in the Holy Imperium, Im going to redesignate mine. Ill pick a number later. ;)

Im planning on repainting what Ive got (not that a lot of it is painted anyway), with a simpler scheme. It always annoyed me that I spent more time painting guardsmen then space marines. So, Im working on a scheme thats simpler, and works with my table and the armies they are likely to fight alongside. While not quite as fast as Drax's method, this should work for me.

Prime black, give a coat of catachan green. Give it a few washes of either beastal brown or scorched brown. Drybrush with catachan green (maybe with a little bleached bone in there). Paint the gun casing and boots black. Im still trying to decide on the badges on the helmet and chest, though Im thinking grey/white. Flesh and metal bits done as normal.

Shoulder pads... on the left side Im thinking of a slight homage to the "ancient" 2nd edition codex. Two color split, one half as the company color, other as the platoon color, with the squad number in white. Platoons are now much larger then they used to be (maxed out at 6 units back then), but as Im hand painting the numbers, I see no problem. The other side Im not so sure on. I might break down and use the decals, get that gate badge showing, but then Im half tempted to leave it bare.


**EDIT** I just had an "Oh, DUH!" moment. The right side shoulder pad is going to get my campaign badge, a white star in a circle.


Kevin said...

You want to have a quick way to paint up cadians yet you want to paint a cool campaign badge. Are you worried that might take up a lot of your time? If not, make sure you practice it to get it done really quickly!

Either way, I look forward to seeing your first example!

Ryan said...

Ehh, Im not worried about the campaign badge, its actually very simple. Ive been painting it on my Red Scorpions already. :)