Friday, April 17, 2009

Chapter Masters

Im not impressed with the current rules for the Chapter Master in the new Space Marine Codex... though, this is actually the first time they have included rules for a generic Master in a codex. A long while back, they included a list of upgrades for a Chapter Master in an old White Dwarf. I havnt gone digging though the pile of magazines yet, so Im not updating any of those. What Ive got here is a homebrewed list of options, some will be more useful then others...

In order to keep things from getting too messy, only one Chapter Master using these rules is allowed per army.

The steps for using these Experimental Rules are easy. First, drop the point cost of the Chapter Master in the codex to 100pts. He loses the Orbital Bombardment special rule. This does not apply to any of the special characters.

Second, choose one ability from the following lists, and pay the point cost listed. Entries listed with a * replace Combat Tactics for all models in the army. All stat upgrade choices only affect the Chapter Master's stats.

25 point list
-Orbital Bombardment (as codex, yes, I know.)
-Master at Arms: +1WS, +1A
-Master Marksman: +1BS, may replace bolt pistol and chainsword for a heavy weapon at the cost listed in the Devastator entry.
-Strike from the Sky: Honor Guard and Command Squads may take jump packs for +10pts a model.
-Rites of Battle*: All friendly Space Marine models on the table may use the Chapter Master's LD for all tests aside from Psychic Tests.

50 point list
-Masterful Deployment*: Your reserves get +1 to roll, -OR- your opponent's reserve rolls get -1. You also may reroll the die when attempting to seize the initive.
-Perfect Timing*: +1 initive and you may reroll all reserve rolls (including successful ones)
-No Surrender, No Retreat*: All Space Marine models are Stubborn.
-Quick as Thought*: All Space Marine models gain Fleet.
-Rapid Redeployment*: All dedicated transports may Outflank.
-Armored Rage: Predators may be taken as squadrons of 1-2 vehicles.
-Hold Your Ground*: Any Space Marine unit may take a LD test during the enemy shooting phase, if successful, they gain Feel No Pain for that shooting phase, but may not move during their following movement phase.

Obviously this is not a complete list, Id like to at least double it. What I need now is for people to chime in on whats overvalued, whats too cheap, and most importantly, what to add!


Alvin Khaw said...

I like the Hold Your Ground rule, makes the marines stand to hold the objective... And they would look like Plague Marines with the Feel No Pain...

Ryan said...

Heh, oddly enough thats the one I wasnt too sure about adding in. Its a nice ability, but almost too nice.

"50 points and my army gets FnP? Hell yeah!"

Im half tempted to cut it to a 5+ FnP.

Master Darksol said...

It's an interesting list... I like the idea of bringing back the Rites of Battle. I kind of miss it... =/

Tristan said...

For HYG, maybe every subsequent test takes an extra -1. 2nd squad = -1, 3rd squad = -3. You could say for each turn or the whole game?