Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where I am at...

So, Ive talked about the armies Ive collected over the years, I guess its finally time to list out what I actually have right now. Again, its only an army if its over 500 points... But I will put an approximate point value where I can.

40k- Space Marines, Im not going to list them all out, there are plenty of other posts on this blog that do that already. ;)
Chaos Marines
-Black Legion, 4-5k
-The Purge, 2250
Orks, 1500 plus two sets of Black Reach models awaiting daylight.
Imperial Guard, 1500, about 100 more models on sprues under my desk.
Eldar, 500

Dark Elves, 750ish
Dwarfs, 3000
Chaos Mortals, 1000
High Elves, 500
Ogres, 1000
Skaven, 2000
Tomb Kings, 2000

...I keep moaning how I need to do a Fantasy army, dont I? Maybe I should dust off those Dwarfs...

This list might be getting pruned down, Im looking at trading off the Orks and Skaven.

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