Monday, March 16, 2009

Making History

A few years back, GW did the Eye of Terror campaign. What was most interesting to me wasnt the Imperial vs Chaos combat, but the Green Kroosade. The Green Kroosade was a bunch of greenskin players who decided that a certain part of the map was going to be green, and Gork help anyone who stood against them. Even now, long after the event ended, its still talked about, in the fluff and elsewhere.

Things in the Imperium can change. That has been seen, especially recently. The Emperor is dying, or dead. The Imperium is in its waining years. But GW wont roll the clock. I dont blame them one bit, they have years and years of background, and a formula that works. What happens if they change it, and everyone gets pissed and quits? So, they do the small changes that shows time marching on, but not changing the greater picture.

But, what about events like Armageddon, or the Eye of Terror? Hell, even Vraks could probably be counted. Events that give focus to games, make players think they are helping shape the Imperium, or tear it down.

I have an idea. Im sure everyone saw that coming. An event for those interested in pushing the borders of the Imperium, or pushing against the Imperiums borders. If enough interest was generated, and enough people participated, we might be able to get the history of 40k moving in an interesting direction. So, whats the background? Ten thousand years ago, the immortal Emperor of Mankind fought the Great Crusade to unite all man under his rule. He did so with the twenty Space Marine Legions, and (later) the Imperial Army.

"Thanks for the history lesson, now get to the point!"

What if someone called for a second Great Crusade? They are better prepared for it then they were ages past, they are starting from a million planets, instead of just one. They have the technology, the faith, and the leaders. If someone said "We are starting at Terra and going clockwise through the galaxy, and not stopping til we get back here!" they would clear plenty of breathing room for a few thousand years, cutting off several potential threats. Would they get all the outside threats killed off? No. Would it seriously change the face of the Imperium? Probably not. Would it be fun? Most likely. Maybe even cool enough to go down in 40k history...

Would this be something worth trying to get people involved in?

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Gamers World said...

Yes it would be cool but I would talk to GW if your going to make this like a major thing, if your just going to hve a few games don't worry about it. Sounds cool lets see about interest!