Monday, March 2, 2009

Dark Elves, Or I need to decide on a Fantasy army!

When they were released, I traded for a Dark Elf Battalion set, and picked up a hero model as lead. Eventually I managed to get them all assembled, but it was hard for me to maintain interest, since I didnt really have a theme for them. I still dont. However, I think I might try something different (for me at least) and try to actually build an effective army.

So, lets look at what Ive got:

Master w/ hand weapon, shield, heavy armor

12 Spear elves w/ shields and command

16 Crossbow elves w/ Command

20 Corsairs w/ two hand weapons and command

5 Cold One Knights w/ command

First thing I need to do is obvious, I need a Sorceress. More spear elves wouldnt hurt either.

I think Im going to go goal based with this, so I actually have something to aim for. Keith has about 10k of Greenskins, so thats an idea for the outside goal, but Mikie only has about 600 points of Skaven, so thats a more realistic first goal, and I think one met without purchasing a single model.

Master w/ Heavy Armor, Shield

12 Spear elves w/ shields, full command

16 Crossbow elves w/ full command

20 Corsairs w/full command

Total 590

My next goal would be 1000 points, but I want to try this out first... maybe Ill get one of them to face it this weekend...

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natsirtm said...

I too found it hard to re-start fantasy. Mostly because nothing took my fancy. Now I'm going to do up LOTR orcs & goblins for WHFB.
(I actually had another idea - for dark elves actually, but I'll save that for next time) ;) Good luck dude.