Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Gaming

Was a good weekend for my gaming table, lots of imaginary blood spilt all over it.

First game was my standard Red Scorpions list against Mikie's Tau. I think his list was a commander, a unit or two of Fire Warriors, those damnable Kroot, Pathfinders, and some sniper drones. I might be forgetting something. It was a Dawn of War Annihilation mission, and my Devastators and Assault squad were forced to come on late. I decided I wanted to give Deep Strike a shot, so I kept my Chaplain in reserve as well. That was a huge mistake. Game ended at 3KPs for me to 4KPs for him.

1. Deepstriking your assault squad with chaplain will guarantee they dont show up until turn 5. Of a 5 turn game.
2. Sometimes, its better to leave that Tac Squad in cover, and enjoy the long range firefight.
3. Crisis Suit Commanders do not like Krak Missiles.
4. Once again, I needed to be reminded that I shouldnt "Combat Squad" for an Annihilation game.

Second game was also against the Tau, but Mikie changed up the list a bit since I decided to dust off my Orks. I dont remember what exactly he changed, other then taking a second commander with bodyguard (and adding a bodyguard to the original commander) and dropping the Pathfinders and Sniper Drones.

My list was fairly simple (much like the Orks): Warboss, 2 units of 16 slugga boyz, 1 unit of 19 slugga boyz, 1 unit of 20 shoota boyz, 1 unit of 15 'ard boyz, 1 unit of 5 Lootas, a unit of 5 Burnas, and a Looted Wagon (leman russ variety). 98 models in a 1k game. Brutal.

Game went pretty much as expected, I got blasted to bits on the way over, but once I got there, it got messy. He had deployed his objective inside the keep thing on the table, and while it funneled the boyz that made it there, it didnt help him as much as it should have. Blast markers would have been great of him there. In the end he tried to run his Kroot onto my objective, but my Lootas "convinced" them that was a bad idea, and I won.

1. An Ork Warboss with a Big Choppa is insane. Instant Death'ing two Crisis Suit Bodyguards in a single charge insane.
2. The Warboss should NOT join the 'Ard Boyz as they walk up front soaking fire.
3. Shoota boyz shouldnt laugh so hard when charged by Kroot, they lost and died.
4. Rum does make a game of 40k more amusing, but that subway sandwich gave me heartburn that ruined it.

I might play my Orks more often, and hopefully paint them too. I keep getting "Latex Lads" jokes (I accidentally primed some of them with a can of gloss black paint).

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