Monday, January 12, 2009

Warhammer Fantasy

I have a love/hate relationship with Warhammer Fantasy. I love the models, I love the background, and Im even comfortable with the rules. Whats the problem then? I can not get motivated enough to actually work on a fantasy army.

This has not always been the case. Once upon a time I had over 5k of Reikland Empire soldiers... I currently have several armies in the works, but none that really inspire me to dust them off and actually work on them... Lets see, lets go down the list:

Dwarfs: I actually had about 2k of them assembled and started on the painting before the current book came out, but with the new book came new models, and I ditched the old ones... Still havnt gotten around to assembling them.

Tomb Kings: These are sitting at just under 2k, mostly painted too. They just dont inspire me like they did before.

Dark Elves: I picked up a commander and the battalion box for the Dark Elves just after release, I finally got them all assembled, but I just dont want to do anything with them now.

Skaven: I painted up a 2k horde while I was stationed in Korea. I love the background, and rules, but actually managing a force like this is a bit of a pain. Add in that a decent number of the models didnt make the trip back in one piece...

Ogre Kingdoms: another one of my failed projects. I picked them up intending to do a "Spawnchomper" force, with plenty of mutants... Well, Ive got several mutant ogres now...

Bretonnians: The less said about these the better. I still think a peasant uprising force would be amusing....

High Elves: another battalion blunder. Not even all assembled...

Night Goblins: I have this idea for an Over/Undermountain force, basically anything you could find on top of, in, or under a mountain. So, Night Gobbos, squigs, stone trolls, giants, and possibly the Black Orcs that were crossing the Worlds Edge Mountains at that time. What do I have as far as models? The ones that came with the starter set.

Chaos Mortals/Warriors of Chaos: Ahh Chaos, my first true love.... or something like that. Ive got a few units of them sitting in a box, but with the new book Ive been giving thought to building a new army dedicated to Khorne... just for fun. Of course, I dust off the models I have already and look at them for a few minutes and then put them back in the box.

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Gamers World said...

I will be starting a fantasy army at some point and I think it will be dark elves but I'm not shure.